Final Draft Of The Game

            For my final draft of the game “A Mother’s Dilemma”, I changed some of the images based on the feedback I’ve gotten from several people. I also added the sources that I’ve used for the images as well as my secondary research. 

            Creating this game was definitely a challenge. When I was first told that I had to create a game from scratch and come up with different scenarios and situations, I wasn’t sure if I was capable of doing it correctly. However, after I chose the topic of bullying and started researching about it, I was intrigued by it and wanted to learn more. The fact that I witnessed it firsthand with my little cousin made creating this game more than just an assignment. I wanted to create the best version of it as a way to create awareness about how serious bullying actually is. The hardest part in my opinion was coming up with different choices for each scenario, it was very hard to make the “right” answer not very obvious. However, I managed to make most of the choices and situations as realistic as possible, to make the player feel as if he’s actually in this situation. I have learned a lot of things while creating this game, like the fact that parents support is the most important thing for a child who is being bullied. A quick and very thought through response from the parents is crucial, in order to avoid further complications. Children who are being bullied do actually commit suicide, if the parents don’t recognize the issue early on.  

There were extra miles that I wanted to explore, if I had more time. The father’s perspective is an example, especially here in Egypt as fathers would most likely tell their sons to fight back. I also wanted to explore bullying in the aspect of a female as well. Moreover, I wanted tackle a different method of bullying such as cyber bullying as it has become a major problem all over the internet and it can be considered an evolution for the bullying I used in my game. I also wanted to conduct interviews with professional psychiatrists concerning the stages that a victim may pass by when they are bullied and to understand the psychology of the bullies and their intentions when it comes to bullying. Such interviews would help more if I considered expanding the game and talking about more details in the subject of bullying.

All in all, this was a very interesting and informative assignment. I really enjoyed developing this game and hope that it would help create the proper awareness about this matter. 

Here is the link to my final draft (I hope you like it):

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