Part 3: First Draft Digital Game

This game aims at raising awareness about Bullying in Egypt. I wanted to raise awareness about the seriousness of the issue as it truly affects many young children and can have some serious complications in the development of their personalities and sometimes, in extreme cases, can result in people taking their lives. It’s an issue faced not only by students at school, but by adults as well. Bullying affects not only the one bullied, but the bully himself as well as the bystanders. It’s the responsibility of the parents, the school and the peers to help stop the bullying. There are many ways that help overcome the effect of bullying, however, one must understand first the whole story and take it step by step. As any wrong action or advice given could very easily worsen the situation. 

Primary and secondary research were conducted. Some of the situations mentioned happened in real life, secondary research is provided to back up these situations. I got the situations by talking to a mother whose child was bullied at school. 

The player will take the role of Sarah. Sarah is the mother of two children Youssef (13 years old) and Sandra (17 years old), both of them attend the same school, your son is in grade 6 and your daughter is in grade 11. As a mother you notice changes in your sons’ behavior, he no longer wants to go to school, he comes back from school with paint all over his shirt and doesn’t see his friends anymore. After investigating the matter, you find out that he is getting bullied by his classmates for not speaking Arabic well. You don’t know whether you should not interfere and allow him to stand up for himself, interfere by calling the school and informing them about the matter or remove him from the current school and face the risk of worse bullying at the other school he goes to. Note: He’s enrolled in one of the most prestigious schools in Cairo.

Here are the websites I used for my secondary research:

3 thoughts on “Part 3: First Draft Digital Game

  1. Carol, I am so proud of you for this game. You did the good background research both by talking to someone and by getting secondary sources. I will go back to requiring this in future semesters and put weight on them for this assignment. Well done on all of it. I noticed that some of your scenarios don’t branch out exactly because your “consequence” tells the player the good action to do. This works out fine, so I don’t mind it.
    I think the only thing I would recommend you add is references for all the well-chosen pictures. And include references you used to create the game in the very last part before players submit, both to show where you got this from and also in case players want to read further.
    Thank you again for such a good quality game! It was worth the wait!!


  2. The game was very interesting and it made me look at things from a different perspective. Instead of looking at bullying from a student’s point of view and seeing it firsthand, it made me look at bullying as if I am a mother and that my child is going through these incidents at home. It also made me understand more that the psychological impact that bullying has on students and how it also effects the parents not only the child.


  3. Good background research, easy to understand, because the game helps you put yourself in others shoe it makes the person know how it feels to be bullied. The only thing i would change is the picture because i think he/she can use a better one.


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